Ultrasound And Color Doppler

Ultrasound Color Doppler

Doctors occasionally find a method to employ technology that strikes all the right notes: it’s gentle on your body, produces quick results, and has no negative side effects. That’s exactly the situation with Doppler ultrasonography, a technique that allows doctors to view what’s going on within your body without the use of X-rays or injections.

It converts sound waves into visuals instead. It can be used by your doctor to check for problems with blood flow, such as vein clots or artery obstructions.

Doppler ultrasonography may be used for more than only identifying clots.

  • Examine the flow of blood in your veins, arteries, and heart.
  • Look for arteries that are narrowed or obstructed.
  • Examine how blood flows after therapy.
  • Look for an aneurysm, which is a bulge in an artery.

When performed on your belly, it can aid in the discovery of:

Problems with blood flow in the liver, kidneys, pancreas, or spleen
Aortic aneurysm in the abdomen