Obstetrician & Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care

It’s critical to take good care of yourself before, during, and after your pregnancy. It can aid your baby’s growth and development while also keeping both of you healthy. It is the most effective technique to ensure that your child has a healthy start in life.

Prenatal (before birth) and postpartum (after delivery) healthcare for pregnant women make up pregnancy care.

It entails treatments and training to ensure that mom and baby have a healthy pregnancy, birth, and delivery.

Pregnancy sonography

During pregnancy, an ultrasound can be utilised for a variety of purposes. If a problem was discovered during a prior ultrasound or blood test, your doctor may prescribe repeat ultrasounds. Ultrasounds can also be used for non-medical purposes, such as generating photos for the parents or determining the baby’s gender. While ultrasound technology is safe for both mother and child, doctors advise against using them unless there is a medical purpose or advantage.

Color Doppler is a technique for visually identifying motion or blood flow in a typical B-mode picture using a color map. Color Doppler works on the same principles as pulsed-wave Doppler.